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How to Videos and More!

Below you will find video links to your favorite Redcat Racing RC Vehicle that RC LIFE COLORADO™ sells on our website.

These videos can be how to videos and promotional videos which will be separated by category.

Redcat Racing University - How to Videos

RCU - Gen7 Portal Axle Upgrade Kit Install

RCU - Gen7 Slipper Clutch Install

RCU - Gen8 Scout CNC Steel Gear Set Install

RCU - Gen8 Scout Al. Transmission Case Set & Steel Spur Install

RCU - Gen8 Dashboard Led Lights Install

RCU - Gen8 Scout II 16 LED Light Kit Plug & Play Installation



Promo Videos

Redcat SixtyFour Lowrider Hopper

Redcat Gen8-V2 RTR Rock Crawler

Redcat RCMT10E Bash-Fest


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