Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II is Now Available!!

Redcat Racing - Gen8 Scout II is Here

The anticipation is over and the long awaited Gen8 Scout II is here and available at RC LIFE COLORADO™.

Our first order of Redcat Racing's New 1/10th Scale Trail/Crawler "Gen8 Scout II" has hit the doors and the response has been great. When Redcat announced their new flagship vehicle the "Gen8 Scout II" at the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas the RC Trail/Crawler community has been a buzz with much anticipation for this new vehicle and how it will stand up to other well known and proven Trail/Crawler manufactures.

Gen8 Scout II

Well ... the proof is in the pudding! Here are a couple of Redcat promotional videos to wet your appetite and sway any concerns as to the performance, quality and look of the new Gen8 you might have.

 Gen8 Scout II

Gen8 Scout II Product Features

  • International Harvester Scout II: Officially licensed International Harvester Scout II Rallye edition. Detailed body with molded grill side mirrors, shackles, fender flares, rock sliders and more.
  • Adjustable for Maximum Performance: Easily adjust from 312-336mm (12.2"-13.2"). Aluminum threaded shocks and 9 shock mount positions allow you to fine tune the suspension to suit your needs.
  • Portal Axles: Portal axles give more ground clearance without needing bigger tires. The portal axles provide more gear reduction than a standard axle, helping to reduce torque twist in the chassis.
  • Precision Steering: Chassis mounted servo with panhard bar, 47° of steering and proper Ackermann angles help to provide improved steering, compared to the Gen7.
  • Ground Clearance: The Gen8 provides 61° of approach angle, 73.4mm ground clearance, and 39.5° departure angle, giving it the clearance it needs to tackle tough terrain.
  • Innovation & Durability: The transmission features Mod1 gears, a sealed pinion and spur gear, and allows the use of pinion gears from 9 to 23 tooth to create gear ratios from 28.12 to 71.85. All this adds up to a more durable transmission that helps to prevent failure and keeps you on the trail longer. Plus the innovative dual slipper clutch design can operate as a true slipper, or you can remove the slipper pads and springs and lock the spur to eliminate the slipper.
  • Rigid Body Mounting System: Hook and loop body mounts eliminate the body clips to create a clean and realistic looking exterior. The body features multiple supports for a durable, rigid structure. Rock sliders provide extra protection for the body.
  • LED Ready Body & Bumpers: The realistic LED lighting hardware allows for up to 16 LED lights to be installed. The Gen8 Scout II body features four LED headlight mounts, and six LED taillight mounts, while the bumpers allow four lights in the front and two in the rear. Install the light system of you choice in the provided 5mm LED mounts and light up the trail when the sun goes down.
  • Licensed Interco Super Swamper Tires: Exact scale replica of the high performance IROK Super Swamper tire from Interco uses a patented Three Stage Lug Design.
  • 1.9 True Beadlock Wheels: Steel beadlock rings are securely mounted to a 1.9" chromed plastic wheel. A screw on wheel nut cover provides the final realistic touch.

Here at RC LIFE COLORADO™ we drive what we sell. We just don't put an RC vehicle on the shelf and wait for you to tell us how it performs. Nah!! We drive em and we drive them hard!!! 

So don't wait long. Hit the "Add to Cart" button, enter "Free Shipping" and get your Gen8 Scout II coming your way today!!