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Gen8 Scout II - Gen8 PACK Build

Redcat Racing - Gen8 Scout II - Gen8 PACK Build

Over the course of a 3 month period RC LIFE COLORADO™ has been building a Gen8 Scout II from the ground up starting with the Redcat Racing's Gen8 PACK (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit).

As with any RC build the outcome is the creativity of the individual who is building the vehicle. This alone is what makes this hobby so interesting, fun and great! Whether you build a budget friendly vehicle or go all out, the process and the journey are the greatest rewards.

In this article, we by no means claim to be a guru or professional at RC trail crawler chassis builds. Our goal here is to share build information, photos, the mistakes made and the further research and development to satisfy what we set out to accomplish. A Gen8 Scout II trail crawler RC vehicle that trails great, crawls great and looks awesome.

The Beginning - Gen8 PACK (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit)

Build it the way you want it, Choose your own body, Choose you own wheels/tires, Choose you own radio system, Choose you own steering servo, Choose you own motor and ESC, Choose you own battery.
  • Requires: Motor, ESC, steering servo, Radio system, Battery, Body, Wheels, Tires.